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Antibiotics and Probiotics rhythmic dance!

A doctor's antibiotics and probiotics prescription is an inevitable choice, when the day comes. We all know antibiotics medication brings with it negative side-effects. Probiotics helps counter the antibiotics darkside. Medical statistics indicated 25% are affected by antibiotics associated diarrhea during their course of antibiotic therapy.

Test by doctors show taking antibiotics and probiotics simultaneously can relieve the symptons of antibiotics associated diarrhea. Probiotics restore the gut flora and balances irritable bowel syndrome.

In the event bacteria, fungi and parasitic attack during a bout of weaken immune system, antibiotic treatment becomes necessary to manage chronic infections from becoming rampant. However, antibiotics do not cure diseases. Antibiotics only kill bacterial infections and are impaired by viral infectious attacks.

As such they are routinely prescribed for treatment of acne, viral colds, flu, most coughs, bronchitis, throat and ear infections. After removal as much as possible the virus and bacteria, probiotics must take over for the healing and curing process.

We understand antibiotics has it place in saving lives and improving survival rate from infectious disease. If and when overuse, antibiotic resistance results as bacteria adapts, rendering their efficacy to terminate bacteria becoming more difficult.

The problem with antibiotics are they are broad spectrum non-targeted killers. They kill bacteria indiscriminately all bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. In doing so, this upsets the digestive tract natural balance causing myriads kinds of digestive conditions. Most common, being antibiotic associated diarrhea.

For women, the usual side-effect of consuming antibiotics is a yeast infection due to propogation of candida albicans. This yeast reside in the gastrointestinal tracts and brings about pain and much discomfort if chronically infected with them.

With the ever increasing number of prescription of antibiotics, the number of bad bacteria-resistant disease worldwide become more and more rampant. And more and stronger antibiotics have to be used to kill the ever growing resistant bug. As a result, our immune system gets weaker, lowering one's resistance to newer infections and the vicious cycle propagates. Frightening!

This is where the hero Probiotics come into the scene. Research and studies indicated the use of probiotics reduces the occurrences of diarrhea after antibiotic ingestion. The results also showed that probiotics rarely cause any adverse effects in their use, even amongst children.

What probiotics do, is restoring bacteria lost from the abuse of antibiotics. Probiotics assist in re-florating the digetive tract with beneficial bacteria. This helps normalizing back one's digestive function. The good bacteria act to terminate the bad guys by creating and releasing a compound that is toxic to bad bacteria, suppressing their growth. Additionally, they form a chain of walls preventing the bad bacteria from sticking themselves to the intestinal wall.

The final result will be a stronger immune system that can ward off future attack by bad bacteria. So in that sense, it is beneficial to bolster up the gastrointestine with probiotics for future prevention if illness.

One common question arises whether one should take antibiotics and probiotics simultaneously? The other question also begs and answer whether one should take probiotic before of after antibiotics? It is recommended to take both together but not simultaneously. It means to say, take the probiotics, say 2 hours before or 2 hours after taking the antibiotics.

This way, there will be sufficient time for the antibiotics to work on the bad bacteria while the probiotics concentrate on rebuilding what the antibiotics has killed. If you wait to finished your full course of antibiotic therapy before taking probiotics (say typically 6-9 days), you would have unnecessarily suffered disgestive upset for approximately a week.

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