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Probiotics Foods, a.k.a Functional Foods you need

Probiotics foods are mainly nature made. Some form of prebiotic source like organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar, probiotic starter or certain beneficial strains of bacteria/yeast, are added to say milk. It is left overnight at room temperature to ferment and becomes yogurt. Yogurt is the most basic of functional food.

Yogurt is probably the most common and favourite food today due to common understanding amongst parents of its health benefits. So, you now know yogurt is a healthy beneficial food and unwittingly found at home, as common as you are unaware it exists in your refrigerator. Now you do!

Probiotics foods contain live bacteria by culturing lactobacillus acidophilus strains in milk. Yoghurt has helped people who had challenges digesting milk and enable them to tolerate milk lactose better over the centuries.

probiotic wedge cheese
organic pickles without preservatives

Besides acidophilus milk, other nature made foods also began to appear in accordance to market demands. The field has opened up to include other strains of bacteria and yeast for other food types. The industry is still a growing one and as lifestyle changes over time, we buy once usually home-made or self-prepared healthy foods from the supermarket shelves.

What was once unwittingly found and made at home, has today become commercialized. They say, there's no money like money in this particular industry of food manufacturing.

In the market today, besides yogurt, other naturally cultured and fermented foods like soft cheese, kefir beverages, kompucha tea, sauerkraut, kimchi, chinese pickles and fermented bean curds, organic fruit or vegetable enzymes, miso soup, Indonesian tempeh, black chocolate, pure black cocoa powder and green microalgae (spirulina) are widely available for our use.

Besides the known health benefits of such foods, there is growing interest in Prebiotic Food too. These foods, though not containing active live bacteria in them, act as starters and help healthy bacteria culture in the intestines. Some examples of include artichokes, Egyptian dates, rolled oats, honey and related polysaccharides, most fruits and goat's milk.

The most spectacular of all and mother of all prebiotics is none other than mother's milk. Mother's milk actually helps in the initial culturing of the baby's intestinal flora. It is necessary so to build the immune defense system to fight bad bacteria and yeast that is detrimental to a newborn's health.

Probiotics research and studies have shown that prebiotics and probiotics foods are helpful and beneficial for women's well beings, especially those suspected of suffering from urinary tract infection, constipation, cystic fibrosis, fibromyalgia, yeast infection, vaginitis and vaginosis.

Some experts in traditional medicine claimed the consumption these foods help in reduction of eczema, cessation of mental illness, stronger immune system and curing of childhood asthma. Complementary and alternative medicine cannot still verify these claims but the records indicate most cases in treatment no chronic harm occurred from consumption of such food.

And finally, this is without doubt, eating prebiotics and probiotics foods is the most effective method to promote regularity in passing bowel motion. This the doctor can and never deny!

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