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Types of Probiotics ... by
Form, State and Culture

By types of probiotics, I mean to say what form they take, whether as probiotic enzymes, probiotic paste, probiotic cream, probiotic pearls, pills or tablets, powder granule form, probiotic straws for oral consumption and probiotic suppositories for insertion into the vagina.

By far the most popular types of probiotics come in the form of powder. But the form they take are done in accordance to how they are applied.

Paste or cream is most suitable for probiotic skin care.

Pearls and pills for those who like to swallow.

Powder is useful especially for kids' probiotics where swallowing may be an issue.

Straws are used as stirrers or drinking straws for drinks probiotic enrichment.

Suppositories are most suitable for insertion for treatment of vaginitis and vaginosis. For a more detailed understanding of both these terms, go to Probiotics treatments.

In Probiotics foods section, nature made cultures type of probiotics come in the state of:-

However, in probiotics manufacturing, generally only four forms are commonly produced due to ease of packing and storing.

Powdered form is most popular, followed by pills, tablets, capsules and lastly straws.

Paste are mainly for vet's application and cream are used if it regards skin care.

As with all manufacturing process, specifically on probiotic manufacturing, buyers awareness must takes precedence, especially in labelling claims for certified organic probiotics.

Ensure that labelling laws are adhered to if there is claim of safety written on the label for genetically modified probiotics. Confidently report unscrupulous manufacturers who claim otherwise to self-regulating bodies like http://www.consumerlab.com.

And especially to those suffering from specific allergies, buy only gluten free probiotic or natural herbal probiotics. Claims by manufacturers can be misrepresented to create false confidence or beliefs. So buyers, Caveat Emptor as always!

Buy only types of probiotics under the professional recommendation of a medical doctor or officer under such circumstances!

It may be beneficial to explain the difference between prebiotics and probiotics here again to clarify the concept of types of probiotics, although it was already briefly defined in Probiotics Foods section.

In understanding the state of fermentation process we can determine some semblance of differentiation between prebiotic state versus probiotic state.

It was mentioned before that no viral activity has taken place in prebiotic state. Consequently, there are definite bacterial strains as contents in probiotic state. What stands between them is 'fermentation'.

However, as an added meaning, prebiotic state may be explained as an environmental situation congenial for bacterial activity to take place. This condition encourages fermenting of organic substrate and/or oligo polysaccharides to become probiotic beneficent.

In summary, types of probiotics is best explained, first by the form they take, the state and stages in pre- and post-fermentation and the culturing process with different strains of bacterium.

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