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What is Probiotic?
Are Probiotics Safe?

Knowing what is probiotic may actually save lives. You need to know about probiotic bacterium. This colony of micro-organisms culture promote beneficial probiotics for health and improvement of immune system.

This is achieved by consuming a probiotic advantage dietary supplement.

The probiotic video below will give you an understanding why a probiotic diet is a better choice for most.

Video on 'What is Probiotic'?

Probiotic Benefits from Lactobacilus Acidophilus

Probiotics beneficial bacteria can be explained almost entirely by these two words - lactobacilus acidophilus.

Lactobacillus Acidophilus Bacterium

lactobacillus acidophilus bacterium

What is probiotics? What do probiotics do? How does one describe about probiotics? Probiotic bacterium is about friendly "good bacteria" and live probiotics organisms naturally found in our digestive tract.

The lactobacilus acidophilus are the most common strains of probiotics although other types can be found. The Bifidobacterium bifidum is another good and effective strain of beneficial probiotic bacteria.

They have been linked to many health benefits, from easing irritable bowel syndrome, traveller's diarrhea (www.cdc.gov) to boosting immune system.

Antibiotics and probiotics are exact opposites but when used in collaboration during medication and thereafter, using probiotics during post-medication will prevent diarrhea from occuring as a result of antibiotics medication.

The most appropriate definition of Probiotics

In accordance to publication by Expert Consultation on 1-4 October, 2001 in Cordoba, Argentina in a meeting convened by FAO/WHO defines as follows :-

"Probiotics are live micro-organisms which when administered in adequate amounts, confer health benefits to the host, either

1) through probiotic implant,

2) using organic probiotics process; or

3) through a probiotics dietary supplements.

To understand what is probiotic in a better way, perhaps viewing some probiotic images and reading the accompanying notes will help make the subject matter easier. Here are some examples of probiotics;

a.k.a probiotic yeast.

Two Bacteria Types

Two friendly bacteria types

Probiotics Colon Flora

Probiotic colon flora for gut health

Are Probiotics Safe?

Besides the many reported benefits about what probiotic is, are probiotics safe for human consumption? What are the common side effects of probiotics? Are there any warnings for probiotics related consumption?

If you are a normal individual without any detected chronic or degenerative health conditions, consuming probiotics benefits you in every way. Probiotics and allergies-free state is the privilege of a healthy normal human. Such a condition about probiotics is known as probiotic stability. Healthy humans and animals alike get the best defense probiotic they can afford in a healthy state.

Unlike a person who suffers chronic or degeneratively malignant disease, like cancer or leukaemia, may manifests consumption symptoms of probiotics side effects due to the extremely poor health condition he or she faces. In such circumstances, it is better to seek professional medical advice on probiotics evaluation before going on probiotics supplements.

In conclusion, probiotics supplementation is suitable for any normal individual. Good probiotic supplement is for everyone who is normally healthy. When in doubt, seek a doctor's advice, especially if you have a special condition or medical reason.

"What is Probiotic?" - Clinical Study Paper presented during PENSMA Congress, 14th-16th June 2012 at the Shangrila Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa, Penang

Safety of probiotics from the scientist’s point of view

Lai Jinn-Tsyy

Bioresource Collection and Research Center, Food Industry Research and Development Institute, Hsinchu, Taiwan, ROC

Probiotics, as being live organisms and health benefit to the host, have appeared hundreds of years ago in the food use, and receives a much more scientific interest as growing in the market share worldwide.

Lactic acid bacteria and bifodobacteria are the most common genera among the probiotic microbes. When administered in an adequate dossage, they can offer the benefical effects of nutritional, fuctional, or therapeutic charactistics.

For example, the positive dietary impact of probiotics provide immunological, digestive and respiratry efficacy and as well as exhibits a important role on the mitigation of infection diseases in children.

However, the scientific documents tied to the safety aspects of probiotics and regulatory demands seem to lack enough evidence to guide the consumers, although the probiotics are in widespread use. Particularly, in the case of novel micro-organisms or modified organisms, assessment measures of safety must take into account before gaining a market approval.

In this presentation, I will review some proposed criteria for the examination of probiotic products. As there are still no general guidelines in evaluating probiotic safety, I also will report some of practical approaches in Taiwan. It is expected that this review will be useful for further scientific assessment of safety consideration in development of new probiotics.


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What is Probiotic paper presented by Lai Jinn-Tsyy, Taiwan.

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