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Probiotics for Women, the order of the modern day sexuality!

Probiotics for women is one not to be missed for any women! ... and men for that matter. A little of that later.

The biological maternal function of women is a miracle in itself. As in all 'miracles', it takes a bit of knowledge, action and personal hygiene not only for pleasant living, healthy procreative state and most of all, personal confidence and pleasure in intimacy!

Probiotics for women, though still a very new in stage and studies, may be the answer to women's health and ultimate sexual gratification!

probiotics for wowen vital to wellness

The other psychological advantage for a happier state of womenhood has to do a lot with probiotics and weight loss. Physical image counts in attraction. An attractive body and weight loss are 'hand in glove' issue.

And similarly, probiotics and weight loss, are 'hand in glove' too. You get healthy immune system, in addition to a sexier trim body attracting your partner's desired attention! What better benefits can one get?

One more secret revealed ... you get 'aromatic' there. I am not joking!

Men, know this ... this is for your greater manly enjoyment and hers!

Additional note:

I researched why Indonesian Surabaya and Bali women remain slim and aromatic even at above 50 years of age ... and keep their men 'forever'. The not-so-secret explaination is Jamu, made and extracted either fresh juices or fermented herbs, fruits, roots, leaves, spices and exotic animals parts.

Jamu is therefore, either pre-biotic or probiotics (fermented nutrients). That explains why Indonesia is the 3rd largest country in Asia in terms of population, after China (with their probiotics vegetable pickles in earthen jars) and India (with their probiotic yogurt, chutneys and cured spices).

The traditional Asian fermented herbal concoction is basically probiotics!

For an understanding of the Indonesian Jamu, click HERE for a video lesson.

Some Statistics and Research on Probiotics for Women

The USA Diflucan pharmaceutical survey done in 1996 reported 85% menstruating females suffer vaginitis at least once in their lives. The result is messy, itchy discharge causing much embarrassment and social shyness!

What's worse is that OTC prescription drugs provide only symptomatic relief and the affected women continue to suffer vaginal infections many more years ahead. Worst, the prescribed treatment results in drug resistance bugs.

Radiation therapy, hormonal change, use of antibiotics, conditions of pregnancy and menopause, lack of B complex diet, excessive douching and poor personal hygiene on vaginal care may cause vaginitis. Other causes include oral contraceptives, deodorant sprays and hormonal drop in postmenopausal of estrogen in the vaginal canal.

Of all these causes, anti-biotic usage is most prevalent of vaginitis occurence in non-pregnant women below 45 years of age. Studies have shown if friendly bacteria is present in adequate numbers on vaginal lining, no condition of vaginitis happen. And further studies indicated that vaginitis worsens on consumption of sugar, causing complete embarrassment from smell, mess and pain from infection!

Probiotic research indicated that L. acidophilus are most common protective inhabitants of the vaginal membranes. These friendly bacteria maintain the appropriate pH balance of vaginal health, producing optimal quantity of nature produced hydrogen peroxide to keep a healthy 'aromatic' vaginal flora.

A word of warning here on hydrogen peroxide. Never douche with OTC (over the counter) hydrogen peroxide as these solutions can damage human cells by oxidation.

The L. acidophilus bacteria manufacture the right level of acidity to kill the unfriendly bacteria which causes vaginitis.

That is the science why probiotics for women is mandatory knowledge for all women who are looking not only to stay healthy but to get sexier!

probiotics for women positive for bacterial vaginosis

Finally, the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology concurred that the symptoms of vaginitis disappears on consuming probiotics supplements. And the good news include, there were no recurrence, once L. acidophilus introduced into the vagina kills pathogenic bacteria like staphylococcus, streptococcus and diplococcus and replaces them with beneficial bacterium colony. Just ensure the colony continues to expand with continued probiotic supplementation, says Dr. S.J. Klebanoff, University of Washington School of Medicine.

Further more, a health vaginal ecology automatically takes care of genital tracts health too and provide protection against vaginosis, urinary tract infection (UTI) and sexually transmitted disease. How cool is that! and researchers reported similar results at Wayne State University School of Medicine, a study emphasising how lactobacilitus contributed to control of yeast overgrowth which causes vaginosis and UTI.

Further medical test also indicated that even taking simultaneous medication of drug metronidazole (Flagyl), a potent antibiotic that kills trichomonas and gardnerella (vaginal infections) resistance strains with probiotics bacteria, L. acidophilus, will over time and in correct doses, bring good final results in addressing vaginitis infections.

Considering that Flagyl is so potent, a.k.a 'having drain opener' effect, probiotics for women which are rich in L. acidophilus prevails over them finally.

We can safely conclude, with probiotics, a safe alternative complementary solution exists with anti-biotic use.

In another clinical report, twenty patients reported of their cure for candida vulvovaginitis using probiotics for women preparations in the form of suppositories, to increase their colony of friendly bacterium in their vagina.

Using Probiotics for Vaginitis Treatment

Buy proven quality brands probiotics suppositories or probiotic straws for women that is rich in lactobacillus and bifidus cultures. Use daily, for as long as the condition persists. Follow all labels instructions. Consult physician for optimal dosage.

It is good idea to supplement with oral probiotics for women as well, through the digestive tract. Yeast thrives on dietary sugar and/or carbohydrates. Eliminate or reduce all refined and concentrated sugar from diet. Reduce also sweet fruit intake until the condition clears up. Temporarily, avoid where possible, nuts, seeds, cheese, fermented teas, smoked meat or fish. Poultry raised on animals antibiotics is a no go.

Lastly, ignore the matter of probiotic for women, both men and women lose the advantage and benefits of God's instinctual gift to Mankind!

Think about it! Think about the Great Loss!

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