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Probiotic Diet ... Saviour of my Life!

I believe in Probiotic Diet. Today, I swear by it!

My name is Eddie See. I was born in the small royal town of Kuala Kangsar in the state of Perak, Malaysia in 1957. I am now in my mid-fifties.

I owe my health to a timely discovery of a probiotic diet which would otherwise have gotten me amputation of one or both feet. You see, I am a diabetic. This chronic disease would have cost me both my foot, at worst my life.

probiotic dieter's prayer

At about 40 years of age, I was told by my GP for having high blood pressure and elevated blood sugar. I didn't understand the seriousness of both these two conditions then. I thought everyone with a highly stressed job would talk about them as just a condition.

Due to the nature of my job, work related pressure, poor diet, lack of excercise and 'ignorance' of the medical implications, I let things be. My first realization of something wrong was when I went to buy antibiotic foot powder from a pharmacy. The pharmacist told me that I should immediately see a doctor on this! 

On his advice, I went to see the doctor on a few occasion on my rotting feet. I was given some antiseptic cream to apply but to no avail. Later I tried Benovate, an anti-fungal cream and still the condition persisted. My feet became smelly and eventually became ulcerous with pus. It remained unhealed. Skins began to fall out from both my feet.

When it became painful, I finally asked my company's doctor to RX me to a specialist doctor. A full medical diagnosis and blood test confirmed I am a diabetic. I was put on medication of Diamicron MR 60mg X 2, many years later to add Glycophage 850mg and Approvel 300mg X 2 for my medical condition. My monthly treatment and medication cost me about RM600 (USD275 approximately) per month.

After almost one and a half decade of medication, regular montly check-up, my condition worsened. Finally due to tingling sensation at my extremities, the doctor added Neurobion to my cocktail of prescribed drugs. I grew dreary swallowing pills after pills for about 1/3 of my life.

This is when I decided to ask my doctor outright, when this medication will end or when will my condition improve or heal. He just laughed and finally told me not to be naive. The drug companies has made you a 'junkie'. I am afraid you do as you have always done and pray that your condition remained status quo. Else I have to put you on more tests and add to your prescription. He finally admitted the truthful but painful fact as my family doctor.

Fearing the worst, I started a regime of daily half hour walking routine. Included is a diet rich in fruits and vegetables with less meat. My conditions remained unimproved and my blood sugar fluctuated between 11 to 14 mml on fasting. At this point, I realized I will only get worse.

Desperation drove me to research about panacea for diabetes. I chanced upon probiotic for diabetes and I started with some simple probiotic diet of yogurt, soft fermented cheese, korean kimchi and organic chinese pickles. I also supplemented with pure dark chocolate for beverages and made sauerkraut to go with my meat dishes. I also tried brewing kompucha green tea and made fruits or vegetables enzymes ferments. Noticeably, I lost 10kg in 6 months. And my blood sugar level dropped to a consistent range of between 7 to 8 mml.

Simultaneously and alongside the probiotic protocol, I also started an intake of a specifically concocted vitamins protocol of fat-soluble Vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate), L-lysine, L-proline, Vitamin E with lecithin, full B-complex, chromium GTF, Vitamin D3 enriched with Cal-Mag and C-Q10. Later, I supplemented with another pancreatic enzyme.

As a matter of info, I get my supplies of the needed vitamins protocol from Our Health Co-op. Despite having to pay for the forwarding fees into Malaysia, I still find it cheaper than buying from local pharmacies. Moreover, I needed very specific products for my condition, that are not so available here in Malaysia, all under one roof.

The post and most symptomatic signs I had was, my feet healed completely and they smelled good now. But keeping up with a probiotic diet was fastidious although I get good results. I decide to see if I use some probiotic supplements, will it work and get equitable results.

I do not particularly like kimchi, pickles, sauerkraut, apple cider and kompucha tea. I still maintained black pure chocolate with fresh milk, homemade kefir yogurt, fermented cheese and some fruit enzymes that I like. I have to supplement for the rest I disliked.

I was introduced to Hexbio Probiotics by an osteopathic and traditional medicine practitioner. In Malaysia, this product was easily available so I started on a 6-month course. Half a year later, my condition remained stable and on January 2011, I decided to stop all pharmacological medications against my doctor's advise. I bought a blood pressure and a blood sugar testing device to monitor my condition, first daily and now weekly.

Today, on August 2012 and 1 year 8 months later, I am medication free and continued on my probiotic diet and vitamins protocol for diabetes. I feel better and still visit my doctor monthly to allow him to chart my progress drug free. He is humbled.

I won't say I am cured of diabetes. Different people respond differently to probiotic diet and the designated vitamin protocol. I would just say probiotics for diabetes in conjunction with the vitamins protocol do work me.

A probiotic diet, in addition to the vitamins protocol I have adopted, became a Saviour of my Life! You now know why I swear by it!

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