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Probiotics Comparison for cost effective Potency and Suitability

Probiotics comparison is important as there are such a wide variety of probiotic products in the market today. You will be spoiled for choices.

How to do a probiotic evaluation to ensure you are getting one that is suitable and is worth your money spent when you purchase one?

Probiotics comparison are usually done in accordance to its Potency of live probiotics contents and suitability by applications to your health condition.

Probiotics Research tells us that there are hundred of strains of bacteria and yeast existing in our atmosphere that when they come into contact with organic matter and food, will impact and change the state of our food, for better or for worse.

The National Centers for Alternative and Complementary Medicine endorses many "friendly bacteria and live probiotics" that may be marketed as probiotics for human consumption. Two species, however, can be found in all differently concocted probiotics applications. They are the acidopilus and the lactobacilius in combination with other useful strains.

What one need to be careful when one compare probiotics is to ensure the potency of live bacterial contents are sufficient to to meet our bodily health needs.

probiotics comparison
probiotics comparison 2

If one takes probiotics for certain medical conditions, be sure to read the labels that they contain the right strains capable of addressing the situation. See the Probiotics Treatment section for more information.

When one does a probiotics comparison for potency content, the standard unit of measure is billions of units of bacteria per dose.

If you are taking probiotics supplement for daily maintenance, perhaps half a billion unit count or less will suffice. In this case, the frequency of taking probiotics is more significant than a large dose. Daily small doses add up over the long run and is encouraged.

There is also a time when large doses of 200 billion unit count per serving becomes necessary. Colitis, candida, urinary tract infection and some chronic diseases may warrant short-term high dosage to balance the useful bacterium colony in the intestine and/or vagina to address unbalanced situation. For such a case, it is recommended to have a medical health practitioner determine the correct dosage subject to the medical history on the individual.

A fair bit of probiotics ingredients come from milk based cultures. Others come from post cultured 'mothers' or 'SCOBY' (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). Whatever the source, probiotics ingredient results in the effective probiotics bacterial strains the supplement contains.

As a rule of thumb, a probiotic supplement should have at least five other stains and excluding the common acidophilus, lactobacitilus and bifidobacterium. This multi-strain probiotic bacterium will provide the necessary health benefits for the consumer to maximize value for money paid for the purchase of the supplement.

If the supplement also contain prebiotic insoluble fiber, this will be an added advantage. These digestive fibers acts as 'fertile soil' on which the probiotics bacteria will populate and expand in your digestive tract. So do look out for probiotics supplements which may contain fructo-oliga-saccharides (FOS) and dextrin. This will be an advantage for encouraging probiotic propogation more effectively.

However, if you are currently suffering from conditions like bloating, IBS and ulcerative colitis, it would do well to abstain from probiotics that contain pre-biotics. Prebiotics are complex sugars that help propagate bacteria in your guts, whether good or bad ones. Use probiotics solely for a start and as your condition improves, you may then supplement probiotics with prebiotics. However, first ask the advise of a doctor.

In summary, do consider the above suggestion when you do a probiotics comparison to maximize value from money spent. However, it is more important to evaluate probiotics from the standpoint of potency (counts of bacteria per dose) and suitability (the strains of bacteria types that will be able to address the condition of treatment).

And lastly, include probiotics supplements that have prebiotic fiber when ones chronic condition normalizes to a balanced situation, to make it a comprehesive complete probiotics.

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