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Beneficial Probiotic is what you want inside your guts ...

Beneficial probiotic makes you feel well. They contribute to your gut health by balancing your gastrointestinal environment with friendly bacteria.

Since we know the term probiotic means literally 'for life' and act to manage and keep intestinal tract healthy, it would also mean, these beneficial probiotic keeps disease in check.

Probiotics when compared to antibiotics are the exact opposite function of each other. While one seeks to kill all, the other helps to implant only the good strains. More than that, probiotics keep in check bad bacteria from getting out of hand that can make you sick. The beneficial probiotic that does that are Lactobacillus acidophilus, L. rhamnosus GG and bifidobacteria and others too long to mention here.

Probiotics help you to stay well in many ways. The most important function of wellness is to regulate inflammation set off by unfriendly bacteria in your organs and body. They do so by secreting compounds that regulate cell function that will terminate invading enemy bacteria. They also form barriers by attaching themselves on the intestinal walls ready to attack disease causing bacteria from entering into the blood stream through the linings of the wall and perhaps kill them in the process.

Scientific probiotic research have studied and confirmed good results and solution in treating gastrointestinal conditions. Today diseases like diarrhea, ibd such as Crohn's and ulcerative colitis, uti, vaginitis and some cancers are treatable or at least supported by using probiotics adjuvant to treatment. That science has confirmed that probiotics support a healthy immune system may have something to do with that.

What is surprising is that the treatment process is basically consumptive procedure as opposed to invasive and radiative. There is negligible side effects from eating fermented foods such yogurt, kefir, vegetable pickles and drink fermented fruit enzymes and kompucha teas, as long as such cultures and brewing are done using lactobacillus or bifidobacteria and other acceptable scientifically friendly strains.

For convenience, there is always probiotics dietary supplements in curds, pills and powder. Just make sure they are from reliably prescribed source. I always stress caveat emptor and especially if you use probiotics to treat diseases, ask a medical doctor who is knowledgeable in use of probiotic specific utility before using them. May I add, not all doctors know this area of prescription well, so do some personal research too.

Here are some guides, in event you do buy and want to ensure you do get beneficial probiotic supplement. Here are some pointers you may want to know before hand to assist you in your choice, in a general sense:-

  • All probiotic products are created differently for specific application. Different strains do better in addressing certain medical conditions better compared to another. So, know your strains.
  • As an example, lactobacillus GG proves useful for children diarrhea treatment and not so for Crohn's disease. So talk to doctors, traditonal or alternative medicine practitioner who are well versed in their use.
  • Bacteria count are measured in CFU (colony forming units) in probiotics. The rule of thumb is 30 billion or more for efficacy.These numbers are needed for effective intestine colonization. Check label that states these bacteria is available at time of consumption, not during preparation.
  • While I accept the before meal recommended norm on when to ingest probiotics, I personally belief after meal is the better option. See why I say so at Using Probiotics.
  • The refrigerator, not the freezer, is the best place to store probiotic supplement. It is cool and also 'dry' at this place.
  • Should you use curded probiotics like yogurt or kefir milk, try to get those that have at least 1 billion bacteria content per dose for efficacy. Check expiry dates as bacteria count dwindle over time. Avoid low fat or pasteurized yogurt. They have very little useful value left in them, if any.

Let's hope this short article is help to you in making a good choice in selecting food diet or supplements that contain beneficial probiotic suitable for your need.

If in doubt, you may look at the section some of the researched probiotic products done by Best Probiotic Products dot Org at this link Probiotic Products.

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