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Colon Health, the first
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Colon health is a result of a daily duty, even routine, of a balance intake of food, nutrients and adhering to a practical functional diet. The discipline and adherence to what your body's intestine need is key to maintaining a healthy colon.

As in everything in life, a useful ritual ensure consistency and perseverance. This is the mantra of survival and to a meaningful living and not just existing. If health is your objective, colon health is the process.

The most common recommended way, as recommended by most nutritionist, is to follow a colon cleanse diet. The menu of colon cleanse diet is one inclined to raw fruits and vegetables.

The quickest way to prepare it is to have it in raw juice form, ingesting as much of its nutrients as possible. This way, the impaired gastrointestinal function does not have to digest the pulp and fibers which takes time to breakdown. Thus, allowing the colon to easily process the intake. This is a good colon cleanse diet for those who wants to fast, but still needed the the nutrients for the body with the fillers.

Whole grains are good roughage besides fruit/vegetable juice for colon cleansing. Roughage will bulk up on sticky internal waste and cause them to move out of the colon in a quick and efficient manner.

The grains mentioned includes brown rice, sprouted wheat, malted barley, amaranth and quoina that are very digestable and also very nourishing. When doing a colon cleanse, it is good to stay away from too much spice and flavouring. Raw whole foods are best to purify and detoxify your 'polluted' system.

A school of thought on colon cleanse recommends that an exclusion from dairy products, refined sugar, alcohol, caffeine and nicotine. Such ingestion will disqualify the colon health cleansing process.

It is also recommended that during the colon cleansing procedure, it is advisable to drink as much water as one can as dehydration is detrimental to colonic function. Without proper hydration, food and waste product are more likely to cling to the colon and stay insitu.

Also highly recommended, the colon cleansing process follows an easing in and easing out procedure. Do not practice extreme food intake differential like suddenly eating too much after the much softer and stricter diet during the cleanse. The may cause your body to go into a shock and your colon stressed to keep up with the excess intake so suddenly.

So, it is highly advisable to build up slowly your food intake after a colon cleanse with lighter food like light soup, porridge and boiled diced vegetable before building up the momentum again. Slow and steady is the game.

Colon health is achievable. One has to be aware of resting your gastrointestinal system after a period of abuse. Use the advise above to do the procedure. And do so routinely as and when your body tells you so.

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