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Good Bacteria Re-colonization is mandatory for Post-antibiotic treatment!

It is a fact the good bacteria population will be 10 times bigger by count than cells that made up our gastrointestinal system. At any one time, the human digestive system will support more than 400 types of bacteria.

Of these 400+ species, Lactobacillus and Acidophilus, the two most prominent, will ensure the digestive system functions properly. Good bacteria, together with other friendly bacterium strains will prevent and kill pathogenic bacteria from forming detrimental colony. They do so by creating an acidic condition non-supportive to bad bacteria propagation.

When the gut flora flourishes with helpful bacterium, our digestive metabolism functions efficiently. It can easily metabolise carbohydrate from grains and plants which are difficult for the human body to process. The good bacteria breaks down the carbo into enzymatic food which is easily bio-available to the body as converted energy. The body can then function healthily.

Clinical reports indicated Vitamin K is necessary for critical body functionality. Unfortunately, our body cannot manufacture it. Probiotic bacteria produces vitamin K and other essential micro-nutrients on our behalf by breaking down proteins and fats we eat as food.

Friendly bacteria also act as potent antidote towards drugs, medications and carcinogens which may cause cancer in the long run. The layer of probiotic bacteria also helps repair digestive tract and form a protective layer to disallow pathogenic micro-organism from penetrating into the digestive walls. With constant shield from the life-supporting bacteria layer, new cells are renewed replacing and removing damaged gut cells, hence disallowing mutated cells from developing. This will help to prevent possible cancer condition to happen.

Bacteria and yeast populate human digestive system through ingestion of probiotics. However, these useful bacteria are also destroyed by the use of antibiotics during modern medical treatment.

Antibiotics kills all pathogens and probiotics indiscriminately. Without quickly re-ingesting probiotics, pathogenic bacteria may infest the gut flora and cause chronic diseases to happen. That is why it is so important to replenish the gut flora with probiotics after the completion of the antibiotic course.

Probiotics mostly come in the form of nutritional supplements. Natural probiotic food include yogurt, soft cheese, pickles, kimchi, Indonesian tempeh, kompuchea tea, fermented fruit / vegetables enzymes, kefir ferments, black chocolate and red wine. Probiotics are food that contains live bacteria. Upon eating such food, the useful bacteria will re-populate the digestive tract. This will result in good health and improved immune system to the body.

Now that we understand why bacteria re-floration in our gut are essential for staying healthy, we have to eat food rich in probiotics. If we don't, we need to supplement our diet with proven probiotics products. We also discussed how probiotics act as adjuvant in cancer prevention. The bacteria in probiotics are preventive measures in contracting common cold and other respiratory diseases. Regular intake of probiotic is the natural thing to do.

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