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Choosing Good Probiotics

Choosing a good probiotics is easy? If you know how ...

With choice come decision ...

There are myriad brands, types and application in accordance to bacteria strains. What then constitute the right choice when we pick one probiotic against the other?

The basic premise is to educate oneself with knowledge of probiotics with reading and understanding. That you are reading this is a start. Next one must know enough to be able to make an informed decision in accordance to needs. Lastly, all brands are created differently.

The rule of thumb in choosing a good probiotic lies in getting a right one that will address the health condition one wants to nurse, heal or cure.

The other thing to understand, most off-the-shelf products in supermarket don't meet the mark, unless they are Yakult or Danone Activa. The rest are just sugary flavored fruity juices. They contain no probiotic efficacy in them.

Here are some guideline, though not exhaustive, that you can undertake to ensure what is buy is value for your money spent for good probiotics.

  1. First, all Probiotics are gastrointestinal related and therefore must solve the gut problem related to Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, e.g. IBS, colitis, UTI, Crohn's disease, heartburn, bloating, indigestion, stomach gas, diarrhea and constipation. Label stating these condition should qualify.
  2. If the probiotics is substrated as curd, paste or liquid, it must be refrigerated with a expiry date. Granular or powdered form needs no refrigeration but must be store in cool dark area with an explicit expiry date.
  3. The label must at least specify 6 strains of good probiotis bacteria, two of which must be lactobacillus and acidophilus.
  4. It must meet the required potency in terms of CFU (colony forming units) of at least 30billion CFU per administration.
  5. The bacterial strains must be in correct ratio and carries strains peculiar to the application; e.g. infant probiotics must have L. Infantis.
  6. As bacteria strains deteriorate over time and storage, the probiotic must contain catalytic substrate of FOS (a kind of prebiotic), in the form of Fruto-Oligo Polysaccharides, their survival over storage life and also act as adjuvant to regenerative growth inside the gastrointestinal wall. Check out also if it has other Pre-biotics (e.g. Colostrum) in order to enhance longer but viably logical storage life.
  7. Technology has it nowadays, that some strains of the good probiotics bacteria are antibiotic resistant. This proves useful as remnants of these probiotics remain insitu after the antibiotics full course and will start re-floration without having to repeat the whole replacement process after antibiotics medication.
  8. In the treatment of upper GI, after the stomach and before the duodenum, in the likes of acid reflux, heartburn and GERD, it is better to use specialized Liquid Probiotic formula.
  9. Lastly, a good brand name signify quality. Choose only brand name you know and trust. Or ask those who have use these Brands and have found good positive results using them.

It is my hope these 9 guidelines will be useful in helping you make an informed choice when you next decide to purchase some Probiotics for your own or children or relatives' consumption. It is not so hard, when you start getting to know about the products better. Using them and then monitoring the effects and results will also help you to decide any further future buying of the same products.

As a matter of giving some information on some proven Good Probiotics products in the market today, check out Probiotic Products as BestProbioticProducts.org has graciously done some market research on the recommended products.

As always, Caveat Emptor!

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