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Gut Flora determines your Curves!

I want to claim credit of gut flora body alteration for myself. I boast of getting my weight down from 76kg to 67kg in 9 months. Thanks to Hexbio and Mr. Loy Chee Lake, my alternative medicine practitioner doctor who introduced me a probiotics diet and supplement for my diabetic condition. The side effect was weight loss. That was the bonus.

During my career pursuit in my late twenties till my fourty, diet, excercise and meals outside of home was my standard feature and lifestyle. I cannot understand why a swimmer and life saver during my varsity days can end up bloated at 85kg (my max).

I didn't know about bacterium flora management. I 'killed' my intestinal villi with junk food, sodas and gluttony. Most likely, the over processed food laced with preservatives and chemicals was the main cause. I just bloated up.

Diabetes woke me up when my ulcerous foot continue to get worse. I am diagnosed for high blood pressure. In combination, I am digging myself an early grave.

After 15 years of drug and medication, my health condition remained status quo or even worse!

I was give a 'lesson' on gastrointestinal rehabilitation. I had nothing to lose for this. I followed the recommended therapy religiously. Besides my stable medical condition on managed blood sugar level and managed blood pressure, my greatest reward was body weight rebalancing.

Studies have shown the main difference between an obese and lean person lies in the differential gut flora composition in their gastrointestine, with varying degree of firmicutes and bacteroidetes. Most studies indicate obesity is highly correlated with subject low on bacteroidetes count, namely lower levels of beneficial bacterium Lactobacillus. Is this a coincidence or what?

The studies finally concluded bacterium composition in gastrointestine does have an impact on weight of studied subjects. Therefore, alteration of the intestinal microbiota is essential to a successful weight management program.

Medical science on the study of weight regulation postulates gut flora is the mechanism directly influencing bodily functions controlling inflammation, energy generation from polysaccharides, insulin efficacy and energy storage and expenditure.

It is also hypothesised that subjects with gut dysbiosis and especially those infected with yeast overgrowth have high instances of sugar cravings. Those with a healthy gastrointestinal state eats and stops when satiated moderately. Carbo-craving is the symptomatic indication of an obese person. A health intestine colonized by beneficial bacteria automatically moderates food craving and determines good dietary choices.

In my humble conclusion and based on my own personal experience, if you take good care of bacterial flora in your gut by following a balanced diet of reduce sugar, processed carbo, anti-nutrients and exchange them for probiotic rich food combined with organic plant food, fermented condiments and some sort of probiotic supplements, your weight management program will head to success!

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