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Probiotic Enzymes are Body Defense Essentials

Probiotic enzymes help our body to heal itself given the proper amounts and conditions. By giving assistance to a body lacking of enzymes may actually improve health.

The Important uses of Probiotic Enzymes

1. Blood Purification

All fungal forms, parasites and bacteria are constituted by protein based substances. Beside that, viruses possess a strong protein coating defence shield, making them difficult to defeat.

We also know enzyme protease metabolize proteins. As the intruders to the body that gets into our blood streams, enzymes that breaks these proteins afford us the necessary protection against such protein invaders.

2. Immune System Strengthening

Probiotic enzymes does the function to deliver nutrients to cellular level, performs mitosis, converting glucose to energy for the cells. It also removes toxic waste and carbon dioxide as by-products of the cell activity.

Enzymes helps in food breakdown for digestion and bio-availability. And ... it does even more .... it delivers hormones necessary for the functioning of the endocrine glands. By do so, it balances our cholesterol and triglyceride level. And all the time it protects all bodily functions while protecting it against viral attacks.

3. Emulsification of Fats

This is perhaps the best news for ladies, and men a like. Obesity is a deadly disease affecting at least 50%of the world population now.

Medical studies confirmed enzyme lipase breaks down and digest fats. By doing that, the gall bladder, liver and pancreas which which provide the hormones to dissolve fat, like bile, can perform better without undue stress.

4. Lowers Cholesterol & Triglyceride

As mentioned earlier, probiotic enzymes regulate cholesterol and trigliceride. They are both a kind of fats circulating in our blood stream helping repair damaged cells in our veins and arteries, especially capillaries.

This enzyme lipase manage release of useful level of cholesterol and trigliceride and protects us from certain types of heart diseases, e.g. atherosclerosis, due to too much of them in our blood stream.

5. Mental Alertness

Glucose (raw sugar) is the food of the brain. The body consumes glucose from the liver to support and fortify the hypothalamus. Our source of glucose is mainly from protein enzymes stored in liver that was previously extracted from plant foods.

Red blood cells transport Oxygen to our brain together with glucose to fuel brain cells. When this function fails, especially amongst diabetics, the affected person feels fatigued and his/her thinking process gets cloudy.

Moreover, imagine if glucose is unable to reach the hypothalamus that directs the endocrine system. The body will be afflicted with non-balance of water, high body temperature, non-appetite and and unstable emotions.

6. Colon Cleansing

When foods are not digested properly due to incapacitated probiotic enzymes they get stored in the colon. Putrefication of food, especially protein, results and digestive problems will result.

Most illness begins with an unhealthy colon stuck with remnant faecal matter.

When undigested protein putrefies, carbohydrates ferments and fats get rancid in the colon, BIG problems starts. Digestive enzymes process our food completely and help colon become toxin free. We roughly know our colon is healthy if we have at least 2 regularity a day.

7. Sweet Restful Deep Sleep

You never appreciate sleep until you lose it. Besides the emotional states that sometime affect sleep pattern, enzymes are also sleep regulators.

We already read earlier, digestive enzymes enhances endocrine glands. An under nourished endocrine system ultimately affects the hormonal system of the body. Hormonal imbalance upset our nervous system and nervousness always disturb sleep patterns.

The source of the problem, indigestion causes non-nutrient delivery to endocrine, imbalances nervous system, affect sleep and draws away energy level and degenerate our lifestyle.

8. Weight Loss Management and Healthy Lipid level

Obesity is a case of metabolic imbalance. Metabolic efficiency is a function of digestive enzyme called lipase that can convert fat to energy for expension.

The endocrine glands control metabolism. When we fortify the endocrine system with necessary enzymes, able to digest food rather than storing as fat, and have excellent bowel regularity, we have a balanced combination for health.

The premise, when the body is in balance state, input equals output and ideal body mass is achieved, achieving good weight management,

9. New life for Aging Skin

To have young, supple healthy skin, probiotic enzymes are pre-requisite.

Enzymes slows down aging process by increasing blood supply to skin. As skin are located at the extreme end where the body 'border' ends, the process of delivering life-giving nutrients to skin cells and removing waste products efficiently is determinant to a shiny and smooth skin as opposed to a dull and wrinkled one. Enzymes helps improve blood circulation as we get older.

10. The right pH Balance in GastroIntestinal Tract

The friendly bacterium content, such as Lactobacillus Acidophilus and Bifidobacerium, converts lactose to lactic acid, bringing the pH level in GI tract, creating an environment that is detrimental to pathogenic invaders like clostridium and candida.

Bladder infection is also a result of being too inclined to alkaline state. With a good balance of plant enzymes, compositive of lipase, protease and amylase, being probiotic enzymes, a urine pH of 6.3 - 6.6 can be achieved. Pathogenic yeast and virus will never thrive in such conditions.

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