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Probiotic for Diabetes showing greater promises day by day!

Probiotic for diabetes is real value for people like me who were on modern pharmacological medication for 15 years. The costly medication is only treating the symptoms without providing a cure or healing effect. They are there to make you dependent on the medication. I learned my lesson.

Contemporary research studies on probiotic for diabetes indicated good promises of healing for type I & II diabetes patients. Two types of bacteria have been discovered that when applied will prevent type I and the other may be integral treatment to type II.

Diabetes 1
Diabetes 2

The scientific explanation for application of probiotic for diabetes lies live, active bacteria in a culture lining a layer within the walls of the intestine a.k.a gut flora.

The gut flora supply the bacterium colony provides necessary disgestive juice responsible for breaking down of food into enzymatic medium so that nutrients can be easily exchanged as functional food for the body. Functional food fuels the activity of the cell mitosis. In the digestive process, the digestive tract become more acidic and keep the level of harmful bacteria under control and prevent stomach upset. Regularity of bowel results and there will be less incident of diarrhea, IBS and lactose intolerance happening.

Type I diabetes is an associated autoimmune condition. As probiotic for diabetics contributes to a healthier immune system by way of your gut, there is better control of type I diabetes. Probiotics modifies the composition of gut microbiota, enhance the immune system, decrease oxidative stress, reduces inflammation and intestinal leakage.

Type II diabetes is a metabolic dysfunctional condition, the inability for the body's insulin to convert sugar to energy. With the assistance of bacteria pre-disgesting the food and breaking down sugar to enzymatic nutrients, the impaired villi cell can better absorb broken down food for cellular mitosis. Moreover, probiotic bacteria feed on sugar to propagate and this help regulate blood sugar to manageable level.

Despite many clinical research supporting the positive results probiotic for diabetes has on healing and curing the degenerative disease, recognition is hard to come by. Surprisingly, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine still caution that probiotics have not be thoroughly double blind clinically tested on various groups of children, gender, age group and related people facing some form of medical condition, to get FDA recognition. So, there is still this necessity to consult qualified medical doctors for advise on safety, benefits and caution of taking probiotics for diabetes treatment.

Here are some useful references that may be helpful in your research in understanding probiotic for diabetics treatments.

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